Cifarelli backpack Sprayers

Cifarelli backpack sprayers have a 5HP engine and a large 4.5 gallon tank, capable of treating ½ acre of vineyard per tank fill. All made possible by the Low Volume Difference. Standard equipment includes lumbar pad, Dusting attachment, Louvered gate for veggie crops,The M1200 has a suction pump to refill the sprayer without taking it off your back.

MODEL           Tank        HP      LBS
M1200            4.5 gal      5         26 (With handle and tubes)       

M1200 Literature

Additional Options
Booster Pump
  • It constantly keeps blended the solution inside the liquid tank (for products that need it).
  • It increases the outlet pressure of the product (and therefore the amount of liquid dispensed).
  • It allows to have a greater and more stable output pressure of the product; without the booster pump the output of the product from the liquid tank takes place by gravity, then the flow rate varies a little if the tank is full or nearly empty; instead with the pump this quantity is independent from the quantity of product in the liquid tank. For this reason it is particularly recommended when using the accessory ULV and when is required greater control of the liquid flow distributed.
  • In the series 3, with the use of the extension tubes (ref. 24.019.00) which allow to approach the plant to be treated, but do not increase the flow rate, the pump PS is essential to get the product to the nozzle on the last tube.

The booster pump does not increase the distance reached by the product (it is the air that carries the drops) but only the maximum quantity output.

Filling Pump

The filling pump is used to fill the tank without removing the mist blower from the shoulders.

Accessory for powders and granular materials 

The kit for powders and granulars (optional accessory code 0G.346.00), assembled on the M1200 mist blower,  is used to perform protection treatments to crops with powder products (eg sulfur ventilated) or granules (fertilizers), and to spread germinated rice seeds for sowing.

Kit for bees

The blower is used in apiculture for the removal of bees during the cleaning of the honeycomb, which precedes the step of the honey extraction.

ULV system for M1200 mist blower

With this accessory it is possible to perform ultra low volume treatments (with droplets of reduced size) and accurately dispense the product.